Matchlogger: April summary

Time for a summary of April in terms of Matchlogger. The summary would be short – it’s not going too well.

The only functional part of the application that I was able to work in April was adding matches. With that part, I haven’t even finished it yet. Apart from adding matches, I briefly experimented with adding Content-Security-Policy header to the application, but that also wasn’t finished. At this point, it is quite clear that with current pace, by the end of May I won’t yet have a working MVP of my application.

With blogging, it went much better. Even though I had to take a one-week break because of personal reasons, seven posts have been published in April and that one will be the eighth. Writing text was going well enough that I’m wondering if in my case blogging isn’t ahead of coding in this contest – as I have to write 2 posts a week and do some research for the app, but not necessarily write code. This month, technology posts had worse traffic than my travel- or soccer-related posts – while my live travel post (PL) brought 84 visitors to the blog, the best technology post had 27 visits.

How about the April posts?

  1. Where can I deploy my Java web app? – 11 visits
  2. Content-Security-Policy: manage security settings of your app – 10 visits
  3. Amazon Glacier: storing backups you don’t need too often – 10 visits
  4. 15 things you learn about Java for OCA exam – 9 visits

…and then there is an abyss of posts having a maximum of three visits.

What may be my May plan?

The plan is quite short – less blogging, more coding. Nearest planned issues I want to deal with are:

  • adding matches – it’s important to finish it.
  • recording that user went to the match
  • creating an admin panel for accepting new teams
  • deploying the application on a server.

The added problem is that during the last week of the contest, I won’t be blogging nor coding due to other commitments. So, in fact, I have three weeks. We’ll see if I manage to do all that 馃檪

Stay tuned for next Matchlogger updates!