Knowing when to stop (DSP17)

You usually know the moment when you start forcing yourself to do something. When it’s a big goal of yours, you try to persevere and finish the whole thing. It’s not always about finishing, though. One of my colleagues that also took part in Get Noticed contest recently decided that he suspends his blogging activities.

Although I’m still able to finish the contest, I decided not to force myself to do it – I’ll still be working on Matchlogger (I actually implemented adding matches today), occasionally I might also write a technology post with the DSP2017 tag for the contest – but my goal isn’t those 20 posts anymore.


These are the main reasons:

I already achieved what I wanted

I wanted to push this blog into a more technology-oriented one, while still keeping my (mostly) travel and soccer blogging in Polish. That goal is certainly achieved – I’m quite proud of some posts, especially the ones related to Spring Boot. I’m not planning to stop writing about technology now, though I expect the frequency to be lower.

Posts were getting to be more low-quality

I have noticed that and you may have noticed that too – some posts were about resolving specific technical issues, some were just fillers that gave some information, but weren’t that helpful. There was an increase of the latter ones as I progressed with the contest. That was mostly related to lack of time for real development while still trying to succeed with the contest.

Other activities suffered

There are things that are more important than the others. I have an OCP exam scheduled for July which I completely stopped learning for. That’s a commitment that I did at work so I treat it as a more important one. I also have some other commitments or things that I just like doing more than trying to fit in two technology blog posts every week 馃檪

Adapt and deprioritize

So I’ve reconsidered my priorities and will be focusing on other things instead. Was it worth trying? Certainly. I now have some new people that I started following and know more about which technologies are currently hot in the community. I’ve also started using Zenhub and Travis CI which will be helpful tools.

And for those of you that aim to finish the contest, good luck! Have fun in Warsaw!