Matchlogger: a slow start

As the Polish-speaking followers (quite likely 100% of all my followers) already know, I am taking part in a software development contest called „Daj si臋 pozna膰” where the aim is to develop an open-source application for three months and blog about it. The contest starts today, so this is the moment when many participants write about their aims. So, my project is…


A web-based app that can be used by players, referees, and supporters to mark matches they either took part in or watched. The aim is to enable the users to log their matches in various disciplines and add data they deem important, for example, minutes they played, goals they scored, match result, attendance… The idea is based a bit on a now-defunct website called where the functionality was fairly limited and the service closed down a few months ago, but extends it not to include only supporters and only of teams that play in higher leagues.

As for the technology stack – Spring Boot is my backend choice for this project. I still consider several options for the frontend, but one that is now on my spotlight is Vue.js. I’ll likely decide on the approach here in several days. The database will be using MySQL.

First steps are already done. Today I set up the project using Spring Initializr. While most chosen dependencies were fairly standard, the one that required some extra configuration was Liquibase – the library for database versioning which I’m going to use from the very beginning. As often with Spring Boot, also this time it was a one-liner in the configuration file. The empty changelog file also was needed to be created at the referenced location.

After today, the application can be run using mvn spring-boot:run and starts up correctly with Basic auth as default security setting. Not much can be seen, though:

The code is available at Github. I’ll be using Github issues to take care of the backlog and Toggl for time logging. For the first deployment, I want to have a functioning login (likely Google- or another provider- based).

Daj Si臋 Pozna膰 2017 – startuj臋

Daj Si臋 Pozna膰 to konkurs programistyczny, kt贸rego g艂贸wnym celem jest rozwijanie swojego projektu Open Source przez co najmniej 10 tygodni – i blogowanie o tym. Organizatorem jest coraz bardziej znany w programistycznym 艣wiatku Maciej Aniserowicz.

Chc臋 rozwija膰 mojego bloga te偶 w kierunku technologicznym, wi臋c udzia艂 b臋dzie dla mnie dobr膮 motywacj膮 – w ramach konkursu trzeba przygotowa膰 2 posty tygodniowo. Zabawa zaczyna si臋 od 1 marca – do ko艅ca lutego mo偶na te偶 si臋 zapisywa膰 na stronie konkursu. Posty technologiczne zwi膮zane z konkursem planuj臋 pisa膰 po angielsku.

Co b臋d臋 robi艂? Szczerze m贸wi膮c, jeszcze nie jestem pewien 馃槈 Wiem na pewno, 偶e b臋dzie to aplikacja webowa, z backendem na Spring Boocie. Jestem w trakcie przygotowa艅 do javowych certyfikat贸w OCA i OCP, dlatego taki wyb贸r wydaje si臋 najsensowniejszy. Co do frontu, troch臋 kusi zapoznanie si臋 lepiej z TypeScriptem i Angularem 2, ale tu jeszcze nie zdecydowa艂em. Pomys艂贸w co do samej funkcjonalno艣ci aplikacji mam kilka.

Czy kto艣 jeszcze planuje podj膮膰 wyzwanie?